Casement uPVC Windows & Doors

Prominance Weather Resistant Casement uPVC Windows & Doors now available in South Africa. 

Prominance Casement Windows & Doors

Casement uPVC Windows & Doors

This system is designed for more strength and better performance with twin gasket sealing. The gasket sealing coupled with multi point lock ensures tight closure with no gaps for proper sealing, thermal and acoustic performance. Thicker Mullion profiles with reinforcements ensures sturdiness against heavy wind load.  Our mullions & transforms with external strengthening bars ensures that we can design large size windows with required wind load.

Casement uPVC Windows & Doors Options

Advantages of Casement uPVC Windows & Doors

Inventa Optima uPVC Windows & Doors profiles structures designed for South Africa
  1. Optima Casement System - Provides good thermal and acoustic efficiency with optimal sight lines and  design possibilities for small/medium openings.
  2. Optima Casement System - 100% opening possibility allowing maximum influx of fresh air and light.
  3. Optima Casement System - Unparalleled strength and performance for uPVC Profiles.
  4. Inventa Casement System - Applicable for hall and bed rooms facing busy and noisy streets.
  5. Inventa Casement System - Significant for thermal and acoustic performance.
  6. Inventa Casement System - Supports large sized fixed glass enabling better view and light.
  7. Inventa Casement System - Stronger system developed by Prominance against wind load.
  8. Inventa Casement System - Provides for inside and outside opening doors such as internal doors as well balcony doors. 
  9. Inventa Casement System - Mainly recommended and used for dust and weatherproofing.
  10. Inventa Casement System - Compatible with International hardware.
  11. Inventa Casement System - Maximum width allowed per leaf is 1200 mm.
  12. Inventa Casement System - Glass safety can be achieved by using toughened or laminated glass.
  13. Inventa Casement System - French door or door with mullions needs to be analysed on a case to case basis.
  14. Inventa Casement System - Threshold is optional. It is advisable to use threshold for achieving better acoustic and thermal performance.
  15. Inventa Casement System - Versatile and reliable door solution for balconies.
  16. Inventa Casement System - No threat of undue deflection as frame is firmly attached to the wall.
  17. Inventa Casement System - Sturdy and durable.

All casement designs need to be evaluated in terms of dimensions and designs with
wind load factor specified by architect or developer.