Prominance Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors

Prominance offers a wide range of Inventa & Optima Series Sliding uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors for South African conditions.

Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors in South Africa

Weather Resistant Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors

Sliding Windows work with the 'ride over' mechanism. Made up of two (or more) shutters that slide to the left and right horizontally on tracks, the windows can be made wider and taller with the addition of shutters. Sliding windows come with an option of bug screen in a separate track.

Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors Options

Advantages of Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors

Inventa Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors Profile Structure Option 1

Inventa Sliding System

• Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large sized windows/doors.
• Can be used in hall and bedroom allowing space saving and 66% opening.
• Aesthetics are judiciously designed to ensure strength and shine over double bevel.
• Designed with minimum air leakage to prevent dust, noise and thermal leakage.
• Allows more light and better view with minimum vertical separator.
• Strength of window is further enhanced with wind resistance booster bars to allow bigger size window to be made.
• Ideal for properties where one side wall is replaced by window/door opening.
• It can handle a large opening allowing a larger influx of air & sunlight.
• We have also designed 3 track 3 shutter or 3 track 6 shutters which gives ample choice to architects and developers.
• It can be used as large balcony door and Floor to ceiling windows.
• Bigger sizes can be made with wind load resistance on the interlock section.
• Inventa slider system is ideal for architecture which promotes more light and open space.

Optima Sliding uPVC Windows & Doors Profile Structure Option 1

Optima Sliding System

• Design meant for small to medium sized windows.
• Used in small properties where opening space is a constraint both inside and outside.
• Can be used in medium sized bedrooms, guest rooms, hall, walkways, staircases, etc
• It counters the trend of conventional aluminium windows & toilet specifiers where architects design small sized windows to medium sized ones.
• A window of 1500 x 1500 can stand wind load of 1500 Pascal for deflection limit of Height/175 (Defined as per various South African and international standard.) with its normal reinforcements.
• The strength further can be boosted by using the wind load resistance booster profiles.
• These are designed to balance feature & simplicity.
• Uniform aesthetics across Prominance systems allows integration of Inventa and optima system with ease.