Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors Profiles

Checkout the advantages of uPVC Windows & Doors and comparison with aluminium window & Door frames.

Prominance uPVC Windows
& Doors Features

Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors designed specifically for harsh African climates, offer superior thermal & mechanical properties in comparison to Aluminium Windows or Wooden Windows and surpass all the international standards. You can checkout the video for the complete details.

uPVC Windows & Doors 100% Recyclable

100% Recyclable

Prominance avoids contributing to deforestation by using wood alternatives. Prominance windows and doors are 100% lead free & recyclable.

uPVC Windows & Doors Aesthetics & Several colour options


Looks matter the most. With this understanding, Prominance windows are adaptable to develop attractive designs, ranges and wooden finish laminated profiles.

uPVC Windows & Doors Bug Mesh Option

Bug Mesh Options
Mosquitoes and other bugs are a big menace. To Protect against Insects, We have bug mesh option available for our sliding systems.

uPVC Windows & Doors with Freedom to design as per the architect

Design Freedom
A creative assortment of profiles mixed & matched with combinations like bays, coupled windows, combination windows, etc is our forte.

uPVC Windows & Doors offer excellent air quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be maintained by avoiding interior energy loss (generally 37% through windows). Prominance windows reduce energy loss by over 30% thereby reducing energy costs.

uPVC Windows & Doors offer excellent cost to benefit ratio

Excellent Cost Benefit Ratio
uPVC profiles save a lot of costs in terms of maintenance & saving energy when compared to Timber frames which are approximately 40% - 50% more expensive.

uPVC Windows & Doors are fireproof unlike Aluminium Windows & Doors

Fire Retardant
Prominance windows are fire retardant. During fire, once source of fire is removed, a carbonaceous layer is formed preventing supplying of oxygen and stops the spread.

uPVC Windows & Doors are more durable unlike Aluminium Windows & Doors

Prominance windows do not warp, twist or split. Impact modifiers in our profiles are treated with special additives, thereby making the material extremely long lasting.

uPVC Windows excellent Impact Strength

Impact Resistance
Prominance windows are uniquely designed and specially formulated to withstand high impacts during handling and installation.

uPVC Windows excellent Weather & UV Resistance for South African coditions

UV Resistance
Prominance windows offer 100% UV resistance with the right amount of TiO2, which helps in retaining whiteness against exposure to the sun.

uPVC Windows designed after analysing weather of Johannesburg, Durban, Pretoria, Capetown

High Weather Resistance
Prominance windows are specially developed keeping in mind the harsh weather prevalent in South Africa. Long exposures to sun, rain, wind & moisture cannot affect the window quality or durability.

Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors are very low on maintanence

Maintenance Free
Prominance windows are virtually dirt resistant and easy to maintain with normal soap water.

Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors noise proof and burglarproof

Sound Insulation
Not only do they provide thermal insulation but also special sound insulation. Double glass units can help in sound reduction up to 30 Db.

Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors termite proof and rust free

Termite & Corrosion Resistance
Prominance windows are termite and corrosion resistant. Salts, acids, alkali and waste gases cannot corrode the window systems.

Prominance uPVC Windows & Doors several styles to choose from

Multiple Series - More Choices
We offer options to combine different varieties of profiles. These can be combined in a single property as they are aesthetically similar and structurally optimal.

uPVC Windows Vs Aluminium Windows

uPVC Window & Door frames reflect superior performance in all the measurable mechanical properties compared to Aluminium Windows & Doors in exactly same conditions.

Description uPVC Aluminium
 Extreme weather
Prominance windows are made of the tropical blend.
Adequate Tio2 dosage for extreme UV resistant property
Prone to fade since performance of powder
coat / the anodized material cannot comply longer UV resistance.
and  Corrosion
UPVC is highly resistive against corrosion and
Cavity and corrosion issue due to oxidation & White residue formation.
Thermal loss and  Interior condensationExcellent insulation.
Extremely suitable for all climatic conditions.
Poor performance in the cold and hot region.
Condensation and frosting issue.
StabilityVery good dimensional stability.
Versatile design flexibility.
Fair stability
Limited design options.
Insulation property Excellent insulatorPoor insulator
EnergyLess energy consumption during conversion More energy consumption during conversion
EvacuationVery less effort during escape due to fireVery difficult process to escape due to high melting temperature.
MaintenanceRots free / Cavity / oxidation freeFrequent maintenance required
U value2.1 W/m2k (High thermal insulation) 3.68 W/m2k (Low thermal insulation)
Fire resistance Very good self-extinguishing property  Melting temperature is high
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