Prominance Slide & Fold uPVC Doors

We offer exclusive designs for uPVC Slide & Fold doors for your home and office requirements.

Inventa Slide & Fold uPVC door system now in South Africa

Prominance Slide & Fold uPVC Door Systems

Another exclusive design from Prominance's kitty is the bi-fold solution. Bi-Folds are increasingly getting into demand due to ability to open 100% and cover wide openings. Besides, the weather tightness performance is comparable to any good casement systems thus avoiding the downside of conventional sliding doors.

Prominance Slide & Fold uPVC Doors Options

Advantages of Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

  1. Used in high rise buildings where huge openings to balconies are covered like  the doors in hall opening to balcony outside.
  2. Used in villa to merge inside and outside space.
  3. It is sturdy against heavy winds and rains.
  4. For structural safety a thorough analysis is required while installing these doors.
  5. Designed with maximum space for reinforcement supporting large sized windows/doors.
  6. Can be used in hall and bedroom allowing space saving and 66% opening.